Experience nature on the many small islands

Experience nature on the many small islands

One of the special things about Fyn, is the many small islands in the sea surrounding Fyn. Especially the South Funen Archipelago is packed with small and beautiful islands. You can get some unique nature experiences on the islands. The islands are great to experience by foot or bike, or you can experience them from the water side.


Go to Hjortø, if you want unique nature experiences and to experience total serinity. There are no shops or restaurant on the island. Visiting this small island is primitive, but that's the charm.

3 Desterted Islands - Be Robinson Crusoe For One Day

3 Deserted Islands - Be Robinson Crusoe For One Day

Have you ever dreamed of being Robinson Crusoe, just for one day? If you come to Fyn (Funen), you have the chance to visit three deserted islands, where amazing nature experiences await.

About the Archipelago Trail

The Archipelago Trail is one of the longest hiking routes in Denmark, comprising fully 220 km of hiking trails set against the backdrop of the South Fyn Archipelago. The route follows all kinds of highways and byways, providing a fine introduction to a cultural landscape distinguished by delightful areas of countryside, manor houses, villages and market towns.