Experience nature on the many small islands

Experience nature on the many small islands

One of the special things about Fyn, is the many small islands in the sea surrounding Fyn. Especially the South Funen Archipelago is packed with small and beautiful islands. You can get some unique nature experiences on the islands. The islands are great to experience by foot or bike, or you can experience them from the water side.

The most beautiful view of the Svendborg Sound


Tåsinge is a small and charming island in the South Funen Archipelago. Maybe you have already visited the island on your way to Langeland. Tåsinge has much to offer, so why not make a stop on the small island? 

When you visit the island make sure to visit the small town of Troense. Here you can experience genuine village idyll with lots of timber-framed houses. However, the first town you encounter is Vindeby.

Troensehaven Troense Tåsinge Solsikke have

The Troense Garden

On Tåsinge in the South Funen Archipelago is a little private garden. Some people have such a big passion for gardening, plants and garden design, that they just have to share this passion with the rest of the world. Helle, the owner of the garden, has this passion. It is her own private garden, but because of her passion, she invites us inside her beautiful garden.