Culinary passion on Fyn

Did you know that the soil on Fyn is something quite special? The products made by farmers on Fyn is also something special. A number of restaurants on Fyn know this. They know that the best products and produce can be found right in their own backyard. The chefs at these restaurants have a big passion for local produce and products. Their menus follow the seasons that they are inspired by nature and the seasonal changes, when they plan their delicious menus.

Stella Maris

At Stella Maris you can enjoy tasty food in the most beautiful surroundings with a clear view to the water and Svendborgsund. When you taste the food, you can really feel the passion for quality and honest food. The menu changes as the seasons changes. This means that you can expect fresh and delicious produce all year round. 


When you dine at Christiansminde, you will experience that fresh, local produce is the main focus. The head chef is inspired by the Nordic Cuisine and local produce. You can feel the clear passion for the local produce, when you are eating at this restaurant.

Broholm Slot

On the southern part of Fyn, you can find the historic Broholm castle. In the old house, where the tenant farmer once lived, the restaurant is placed today. When you come to the restaurant, you can enjoy a meal made from the best ingredients. You can enjoy the tasting dishes at lunch and dinner in scenic surroundings. 

Falsled Kro

You can find one of the best restaurants in Denmark on the southern part of Fyn - Falsled Kro. Often, Fyn is refered to as the garden of Denmark and this is not a coincidence. There are many local suppliers and farmers on Fyn and Falsled Kro knows this. Over the years, Falsled has created a network of suppliers and farmes due to a great passion for local produce.


In the southern part of Fyn you can find the organic farm, Steensgaard. However, the farm is much more than just an organic farm. The principles behind running the farm builds on respect for nature, proud traditions for producing food and an uncompromising approach to the quality of the produce.

Restaurant Knudsens Gård

At this restaurant, the love for the local produce from Fyn is great. This love is expressed in their focus on using the best produce from Fyn. They focus on making everything on the menu from scratch. Among others things, this means that they make their own bread with flour from a local mill.

Restaurant Under Lindetræet

In Odense, the biggest city on Fyn, you can experience fairytale-like taste sensations. With its location side by side with Hans Christian Andersens childhood home, the restaurant is placed in the most beautiful and fairytale-like parts of the city.

Fyn - The Garden of Denmark

The island of Fyn are often called Denmark's garden, Denmark's orchard and Denmark's vegetable garden. These three expressions are saying the same thing - the ingredients/produce on the little island in the middle of the country are something quite unique.

Culinary festivals on Fyn

Culinary festivals on Fyn

Decide for yourself where on Fyn you will find your greatest cul

Top-class gourmet fare – the experience of a lifetime

Here is a palette of very special culinary treats on Fyn. Sit down at the table and get ready to travel the world! You are sure to return home with the memory of a culinary delight to cherish for years.

Food or drink

Food and drink – the human fuel

Here is a selection of some of the eating establishments you will find in the South Fyn Archipelago.

Culinary festivals Fyn Food

Culinary festivals

Decide for yourself where on Fyn you will find your greatest culinary experiences. You may sit down at a table in one of the many top-of-the-line gourmet restaurants, or you may choose to buy fresh ingredients at one of the many road stands that tempt you with their new potatoes, newly extracted honey, homemade jams or fresh strawberries that taste of sun and summer. In many of the orchards you may pick the berries, apples, and pears yourself at a reasonable price and for generous weights.


If a few goodies are needed on the table, then many of the Fyn delicacies are the favourites of children and adults alike. Summerbird, Skarø ice cream and Odense Marcipan are Fyn producers known to most people.

Market days and markets

On Fyn you can find everything from the first crispy asparagus of the year and newly caught bay scrimp to the apples and aromatic root crop of the fall. To obtain some of these fresh ingredients, you could visit some of the various market days and markets where you will find ingredients of the best Fyn quality. Below is an overview of the different markets and market days.

Fyn Food Festivals 2019

Throughout the year, the cities of Fyn hold a number of festivals with food as the main theme. Spis! The Food Festival in Odense, Danehof in Nyborg, and the largest Nordic food market, Culinary South Fyn, in Svendborg - just to name a few. Here is the list of the largest events of the year where food products and local delicacies become the centrepiece.

Asparagus Lunch

25. May.