Small Danish Hotels – Great Hosts and a Passion for Cycling

Thatched roofs and timber framing or modern inns with the newest of the new, on Fyn you can find them both. Common is that these hotels are perfect for cycling accommodation because of the close proximity to cycling routes and their ability to offer a special service for cyclists.

Nature and Island Living

The many islands, inhabited and uninhabited, are scattered all around Fyn. A great number of them are found on the South of Fyn where you can experience the islands at sea as well as on land. Venture to the wonderful southern harbors, enjoy the many maritime activities, such as kayaking, diving and angling; explore the islands by bike or on foot through wonderful hiking trials, or experience slow living in the small communities.

The Bike Island route and the Baltic Route lead you all over Fyn and the Archipelago

The Bike Island route covers 515 km and takes in the entire coastline of Fyn. It provides the perfect introduction to Fyn and to Langeland and Ærø, the two largest islands in the Archipelago. On Fyn, charming market towns are dotted along the coast like a string of pearls, and the journey from one to the next will take you through gently undulating landscapes and past towns and villages with centuries of history to share.

Experience nature on the many small islands

Experience nature on the many small islands

One of the special things about Fyn, is the many small islands in the sea surrounding Fyn. Especially the South Funen Archipelago is packed with small and beautiful islands. You can get some unique nature experiences on the islands. The islands are great to experience by foot or bike, or you can experience them from the water side.


Go to Hjortø, if you want unique nature experiences and to experience total serinity. There are no shops or restaurant on the island. Visiting this small island is primitive, but that's the charm.


Birkholm is the perfect place to de-stress from a busy scedule. There are no paved roads, just beautiful nature and peace and quiet.

Birkholm is only 1 km2. There are several inhabited islands around Fyn, but Birkholm is probably the most untouched. As of Janurary 1st, the island was inhabited by 9 people. When you come to the island, you will see quite a few houses. Many of these houses are only inhabited during summer, because many uses them as summer houses.


On Bågø you can experience a rich bird life and beautiful nature. Take a walk and explore the island.

Bågø is placed approx. a half hour ferry ride from Assens. The ferry sails from Assens and fits only 50 people and a limited number of cars. During winter, the island can appear rugged and wind-swept, but when spring comes, the island starts to blossom and become and idyllic sanctuary. 

Vandrernes ø i det Sydfynske Øhav


Walk all around the island in a couple of hours, but stay longer to explore the island and nature. Bjørnø is the perfect place for hiking.


Stay in one of the architect designed shelters on Skarø and stay close to nature.


Drejø is a habitat for the beautiful white fallow deer. The island invites you to enjoy beautiful nature, scenic hiking trails, cozy villiage idyll and great fishing spots.


Take a stroll through true village idyll, visit the Bell Stone and catch a fish for supper. Lyø invites you to have many exiting experiences.

With a total area of 6 square kilometers, Lyø might seem small. However, this does not mean that the small island does not have any exiting experiences. You can get some unique experiences on Lyø. 


Go to Avernakø and experience stunning nature. Take your fishing pole with you and try to catch a fish or two.


Experience the tight-knit community on Strynø. Take the bike or put on your hiking shoes and explore the small island. 


Thurø is only 7,5 square meter, but you can still find some beautiful and unique nature experiences on the small island.

The most beautiful view of the Svendborg Sound


Tåsinge is a small and charming island in the South Funen Archipelago. Maybe you have already visited the island on your way to Langeland. Tåsinge has much to offer, so why not make a stop on the small island? 

When you visit the island make sure to visit the small town of Troense. Here you can experience genuine village idyll with lots of timber-framed houses. However, the first town you encounter is Vindeby.

Take the colourful ferry to the island


There are many different hidden nature experiences on Ærø. The coast around the island is soft and calm some places, but other places the coast is torn and wild with rugged cliffs. Due to the geological history of the island, the nature on the island is quite diverse.

Open gardens on Fyn

Flowering roses, buzzing bees and trickling water. Take a relaxing trip through one on the open gardens on Fyn. These gardens are owned by private persons, who are proud of their gardens and they invite you to come in and take a relaxing stroll through the many beautiful flowers and plants.

Erik's Oasis

In Odense, the biggest city on Funen, you can visit Erik's Oasis. The garden is full of botanical diversity. The garden has been lanscaped with inspiration from many other gardens that the owner has visited through the years. Because of this, there are not just one style in the garden. The garden is a vast sea of many different garden styles.