City and town life on Fyn and the islands

Discover the diversity of cities and towns on the many islands. The variety is great – from small local villages to the third largest city in Denmark, Odense. The famous writer Hans Christian Andersen was born in Odense, and the city offers many opportunities to get to know the writer and his life better.

Inspiration for shopping on Fyn

In charming and authentic surroundings, you can shop your way along the cobbled streets, enjoy the view of the nearby sea and find the perfect souvenir for your wardrobe back home. You can also taste locally produced foods or pick up a real bargain at one of the numerous flea markets that are held all year round – and especially in the summer months.

Shopping i Vintapperstræde

Shopping in Odense

Odense has something to delight almost all visitors who love shopping.

Farm shops

On Fyn there are an exceptional number of farm shops and barn door outlets, and there are a number of restaurants which only use locally produced ingredients.

Fyn Food Festivals 2019

Throughout the year, the cities of Fyn hold a number of festivals with food as the main theme. Spis! The Food Festival in Odense, Danehof in Nyborg, and the largest Nordic food market, Culinary South Fyn, in Svendborg - just to name a few. Here is the list of the largest events of the year where food products and local delicacies become the centrepiece.

Asparagus Lunch

25. May.