Couples Vacation on Fyn

Fyn and its archipelago consist of many small and larger island – in total close to 100. Fyn is the biggest of the islands. Find the best place for a couple’s getaway right here!

The most beautiful view of the Svendborg Sound


Tåsinge is a small and charming island in the South Funen Archipelago. Maybe you have already visited the island on your way to Langeland. Tåsinge has much to offer, so why not make a stop on the small island? 

When you visit the island make sure to visit the small town of Troense. Here you can experience genuine village idyll with lots of timber-framed houses. However, the first town you encounter is Vindeby.

Troensehaven Troense Tåsinge Solsikke have

The Troense Garden

On Tåsinge in the South Funen Archipelago is a little private garden. Some people have such a big passion for gardening, plants and garden design, that they just have to share this passion with the rest of the world. Helle, the owner of the garden, has this passion. It is her own private garden, but because of her passion, she invites us inside her beautiful garden.

The Medicine Gardens of Tranekær

In Tranekær on Langeland you can find the Medicine Gardens. Here you can get a unique look into plants and herbs, which has been used in medicine for many years. The Medicine Gardens consits of six seperate gardens, each with their own focus. 

Kongsdal Open Garden

The Garden of the Year in Denmark 2016 is placed in the northern part of Funen. With a ground area of 20.000 mthe garden is one of the most beautiful in Denmark. The garden is surrounded by and lives in harmony with the wild nature. The gardeners have taken the wild nature into consideration while designing the garden and this is what makes the garden so special. The plants in the garden are in beautiful harmony with the plants from the surrounding wild nature.

Frederik Ernst Assens have roser

The Garden of Frederik Ernst

Get a little bite of Italy in Assens. If you believe that it isn't possible to create beautiful and interesting gardens in the city, you better think twice. In the Italian inspired city garden in Assens you can experience a historical garden. Today the garden has been restored to its original form from the 1960s. The garden was originally landscaped by silverware manufacturer Frederik Ernst. 

The Japanese Gardens

In a small town in the middle of Funen you can experience a little piece of Japan. The Japanese Gardens is placed in Broby and the garden is a true gem for garden enthusiasts. If you are visiting Funen and wants to experience a different kind of garden, you should visit this garden.

3 Desterted Islands - Be Robinson Crusoe For One Day

3 Deserted Islands - Be Robinson Crusoe For One Day

Have you ever dreamed of being Robinson Crusoe, just for one day? If you come to Fyn (Funen), you have the chance to visit three deserted islands, where amazing nature experiences await.


Themed hiking trips

Draw inspiration from a variety of themes when planning your next hiking trip. There are seven suggestions for trips that will lead you in the footsteps of The South-Fyn Painters, through a constantly developing common landscape and past the lilac hedges of South Fyn.

In the footsteps of The South-Fyn Painters

About the Archipelago Trail

The Archipelago Trail is one of the longest hiking routes in Denmark, comprising fully 220 km of hiking trails set against the backdrop of the South Fyn Archipelago. The route follows all kinds of highways and byways, providing a fine introduction to a cultural landscape distinguished by delightful areas of countryside, manor houses, villages and market towns.

Vandring på Øhavsstien

Hiking on Fyn

Fyn has many places where you can go hiking. If you are a hiking enthusiast, we recommend you go to the South of Fyn and try out the 220 km long Øhavssti. It is probably Denmark’s longest and most beautiful trail. Many use it as a sort of pilgrimage. Not to find religious salvation but to gear down, look into oneself and find peace and meaning in the hike itself.

Find maps and guides in the right column for your next hiking trip.

Visit the beautiful gardens of Fyn

Visit the beautiful gardens of Fyn

Most of the castles and manor houses also have beautiful gardens and parks. On Fyn – more precisely, Egeskov Castle – you will even find “the most beautiful historical garden of Europe”, the award  which was bestowed on the castle in 2012. Also mentioned by the Conde Nast Traveller 2016 as: "Egeskov is one off the 50 most beautiful places in Europe". The Renaissance garden, with its small neat hedges and labyrinths, dates all the way back to the 1700s.