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Couples Vacation on Fyn

Fyn and its archipelago consist of many small and larger island – the count comes close to 100 islands. Fyn is the biggest of the islands. Find the best place for a couples vacation, right here!

Nature and Island Living

The many islands, inhabited and uninhabited, are found all around Fyn. A great number are found on the South of Fyn where you can experience the islands at sea as well as on land. Venture to the wonderful southern harbours, enjoy the many maritime activities such as kayaking, diving and angling; explore the islands by bike or on foot through wonderful hiking trials or experience slow living in the small communities.  

City and town life on Fyn and the islands

Discover the diversity of cities and towns on the many islands. The variety is great – from small local villages to the third largest city in the Denmark Odense.  The famous writer Hans Christian Andersen was born in the Odense and the city offers many opportunities to get to know the writer and his life better.

Hygge on Fyn

Hygge – the famous Danish word describing quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being. Travel to Fyn and experience hygge in true, traditional settings. Enjoy the exquisite cuisine in breath-taking settings when you discover one of the 123 castles on Fyn and the islands.   

Feeding a giraffe

Attractions and Experiences on Fyn

Fyn and the islands offer a great variety of the attractions – something for each taste! Visit castles, dive into the world of Hans Christian Andersen and his world-famous fairy tales, experience Fyn from above when you try bridge-walking or tree climbing. Find our recommendations below:

Den Fynske Landsby

Experience Denmark as it was in the age of Hans Christian Andersen

Carl Nielsen

Experience two of Denmark’s greatest artists at the Carl Nielsen Museum

Botany on the Archipelago Trail

There are all kinds of pretty flowers and almost forgotten edible herbs in the landscape around the South Fyn Archipelago, which the Archipelago Trail runs through. Set off on a voyage of discovery on your country ramble. Here are five fascinating plants you may encounter in several places along the trail.

Sea kale

Ice, water and man shaped the South Fyn Archipelago

Three forces have shaped the South Fyn Archipelago as we know it today: the glaciers of the ice age, the water of the seas and – last, but not least – man.

The three creators: the world of ice

All the way back to the Stone Age

The South Fyn Archipelago has been inhabited for thousands of years. In fact, traces have been found from Stone Age hunters who lived here as much as 14,000 years ago.

Five adventures on Ærø

Five adventures on Ærø

Check out some of the experiences Ærø has to offer. You can see Flaske-Peter's fantastic collection or learn more about the selection of Ærø Brewery, which has expanded to seven different brews: Christmas Ale, Easter Ale, Dark Ale, India Pale Ale, Walnut, Stout and Grolle Pilsner.

Wonderful amusements on Fyn

Here you can find an overview with selected wonderful amusements on Fyn. Among other things, you can learn a lot about Hans Christian Andersen and all his fantastic fairytales.

Entertainment on Fyn

No matter where you are on Fyn, you are never far from great adventures. Egeskov Castle is tempting with its challenging labyrinths and large playground. You can easily spend a day selecting your favourite animal in one of the best zoos in Denmark. Or maybe you feel like feeding a very lively porpoise at Fjord & Belt. Don't miss visiting the Hans Christian Andersen House, where you can see, among other things, his hat and dentures.

Hans Christian Andersen's statues in Odense

Hans Christian Andersen's statues in Odense

Throughout the town, characters from the Hans Christian Andersen fairytales show up in the form of sculptures made in widely different artistic styles. On the map to the right you can see the location of the individual sculptures in the city of Odense.


If a few goodies are needed on the table, then many of the Fyn delicacies are the favourites of children and adults alike. Summerbird, Skarø ice cream and Odense Marcipan are Fyn producers known to most people.

Fruit plantations on Fyn

Delicious fruits abound on Fyn, not to mention the products made from them. You have ample opportunity to either pick it yourself or buy the fruits and products all over Fyn. If you like to pick your own fruit, here is a list of places that offer this. Whether you want strawberries, cherries or apples, there is something here for everyone. You may also choose to purchase the fruits directly from the so-called farm shops.

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