Faaborg Cykeludlejning

Luggage transport

If you are going on a cycling holiday on Fyn, you can order luggage transport for every stage you cycle along the way. 

How to book luggage transport:

Send us your bike route. For instance, if you are riding your bike from Middelfart to Odense, you must write down the date of the bike ride and the two accommodations you are moving between. In that way we know where to pick up and drop off your luggage.

As you pay per. person, you must also specify the number of people. If there are more stages on your cycling trip, you must add them all - and please remember the dates.

Your order could look like this:
27/7: Comwell Kongebrogaarden, Middelfart - Hotel Odeon, Odense, 2 persons.
28/7: Hotel Odeon, Odense - Munkebo Inn, Kerteminde, 2 persons.

Remember to enter contact information
We would like to ask for your full name, mobile number, e-mail address and the full length of your trip in days.
Send the information by e-mail to bjarne@faaborgcykeludlejning.dk.

We will send you a confirmation, the price for the luggage transport in total and a booking number within 48 hours. The booking number must be visible on the luggage.

Practical information about the luggage transport:
Luggage collection: Your luggage must be ready for pick up at the reception at 10 AM. 

Delivery of luggage: Happens no later than 2 PM. at the new accommodation.

The offer for luggage transport is available in the following towns on Fyn: Middelfart, Odense, Nyborg, Faaborg-Midtfyn, Svendborg and Assens. Luggage transport is not available in the islands.

Price: 250-, DKK per person per relocation.

Luggage transport is handled by Faaborg Bicycle Rental

If you have any questions regarding baggage transport, please contact Bjarne Daugaard from Faaborg Bicycle Rental on phone +45 25130660 or email: bjarne@faaborgcykeludlejning.dk.