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The purpose of the cluster

Photo: Destination Fyn

'Destination Fyn' is the result of a visionary working relationship between local authorities, aiming at creating a clear strategic focus in the tourism-development on Fyn, as well as a destination with a shared identity and a range of experiences that match the expectations of the market.

Since its establishment in 2012, Destination Fyn has enjoyed the status of official tourism organisation for Fyn, Langeland and Ærø. Development within the tourism cluster on Fyn under Destination Fyn can be summarised as follows:

Destination Fyn – First generation (2012–2014)

The first generation of the working relationship is a time-limited destination development project based on public financing (the EU, the Region of Southern Denmark and the local authorities on Fyn) and primary investments in the form of time resources from commercial players. As project manager, the strategic focus of the Destination Fyn secretariat is on establishing a broad, network-based partnership on Fyn built up around a shared destination brand.

Destination Fyn – Second generation (2015–2014)

The working relationship continues under a new structure, where nine local authorities on Fyn and 140 growth-oriented businesses pay membership subscriptions and make investments to lay the financial foundations for a strategic partnership with the principal focus on attraction activities. The cluster secretariat takes on the role of Destination Marketing Organisation with particular responsibility for coordinating and implementing a series of marketing campaigns targeted at a range of prioritised geographical markets.

Destination Fyn, Third generation (2018– )

The major changes currently affecting the travel markets have fundamentally altered the conditions and role of destinations around the world – including those of Destination Fyn. This development triggered a new marketing strategy – FYN365 – that shifts the input of the cluster from classic destination marketing to content marketing designed to boost user involvement.

In addition to a redefined marketing function, the cluster secretariat is now focused on gathering strategic market insight, business development, data-based innovation, fundraising and the attraction of investor capital, development projects and digital skills development- The overarching intention here is to equip the cluster members to meet the requirements made by a redefined travel market and altered consumer behaviour.

On account of this development, the cluster secretariat now fulfils the role of Destination Management Organisation and facilitator for a triple-helix cluster, with key participation from public sector players, growth-oriented companies and relevant knowledge institutions.

Destination Fyn actively seeks to work with other organisations and networks that support the strategic development of tourism on Fyn, including VisitDenmark, Dansk Kyst- & Naturturisme (Danish Coastal & Nature Tourism), Dansk Storbyturisme (Wonderful Copenhagen) and the Danish Cycling Tourism association