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Støt de fynske restauranter

Sæt pris på din by og spis ude hjemme - på disse fynske restauranter kan du bestille takeaway og støtte i disse tider, hvor der ikke må være kunder i restauranten på grund af coronavirus.


Savner du også de fynske attraktioner? Selvom de er lukket ned under coronakrisen, kan du følge med hos nogle af de største fynske attraktioner på Facebook - se bare med her.

Duften af syrener og raps.. Foråret er kommet til Fyn

Photo: Destination Fyn

Welcome to Fyn and the Archipelago

Welcome to Fyn and the Archipelago! You’ve arrived at the official website for one of the biggest islands in little Denmark – which actually features 444 of them. Fully 93 other islands surround Fyn itself, which is where the famous poet and author Hans Christian Andersen was born in 1805. So ... ready for some fairytale island hopping? – here come 20 good reasons to find your way to Fyn. Read our brochure.

20 reasons to get lost on Fyn

Photo: Andreas Bastiansen
None of the international media has yet warned of excessive tourism on Fyn. So hurry, hurry, hurry on down before it’s too late ...

Explore Fyn and the Islands along 1,200 km of signposted cycle routes

Delight in wonderful castles and manors – we have 123 of them

The people of Fyn are famous for being warm and welcoming – and generally happy not to rock the boat

Fyn is fine (for the little ones, too)

Our top ten attractions

We have charming towns and cities, 93 islands (last time we counted) and culinary treats that are well worth the trip

The islands, nature and island folk

South of Fyn – in the western Baltic Sea – is a stretch of water dotted with charming island communities. The islands, the people who live there and the local ambience are all influenced by the countryside, the seascape and life lived in the moment. Welcome to the South Fyn Archipelago!

From fine Fyn fields to magnificent meals

Explore the ambitious restaurant scene on Fyn, sample local specialities and discover dishes prepared using only the freshest ingredients drawn directly from the rich local loam.

Small market towns

The small market towns of Fyn offer both charm, history and - for some of them - an maritime atmosphere. Enjoy a visit filled to the brim with cobbled streets, old houses and lots of "hygge".

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Sleep well on Fyn!

Photo: Destination Fyn

With 1,200 km of coastline, we always have room for an extra guest:

no matter whether you’re looking for the perfect beach, a great fishing spot, or a peaceful hiking trail with a sea view …

Wonderful beaches on Fyn and the Islands

While conditions vary greatly from place to place around Fyn and the Islands, the swimming water is always top quality. Fyn and the Islands have fully 1,100 km of coastline featuring a string of truly delightful beaches. Here are some of the most beautiful.

Angling on Fyn

Find inspiration for your next fishing trip – together with Havørred Fyn (Seatrout Fyn) and the tourist agencies of Fyn we show you the best angling spots and give you tips and tricks. Have fun!

Put one your hiking boots!

Put one your very best and most comfortable shoes and venture out into the stunning nature on Fyn whether you are a skilled hiker or a total beginner. On Fyn we have lots of trails and routes waiting for you to take the first step! Try The Archipelago trail following the coastline of the s...