Fyn is ready for you!

For us, Fyn is the feeling of salt water tickling our noses in our nine coastal market towns. Art that inspires and arouses wonder. The reborn city Odense that greets you with tea in hidden courtyards, microbreweries on the corners and street food in former industrial buildings.

But what is Fyn for you? Go exploring and find YOUR answer!

Stemning på Odense

Explore urban Odense

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On Fyn you'll feel what really matters...

When you eagerly step on the pedals on Fyn's 1,200 km. long networks of signposted cycle routes. Feels the adrenaline rush through your body on the top of the old Little Belt Bridge. Or let time fly while you stroll down the streets of the cozy market towns.

There are plenty experiences to choose from!

The people of Fyn are famous for being warm and welcoming – and generally happy not to rock the boat

We have 1,200 km of coastline...

So there is always have room for an extra guest! You just have to choose between the perfect beach for families, a great fishing spot, or a peaceful hiking trail with a sea view …

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