Welcome to Fyn and the Archipelago

Welcome to Fyn and the Archipelago! You’ve arrived at the official website for one of the biggest islands in little Denmark – which actually features 444 of them. Fully 93 other islands surround Fyn itself, which is where the famous poet and author Hans Christian Andersen was born in 1805. So ... ready for some fairytale island hopping? – here come 20 good reasons to find your way to Fyn.

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None of the international media has yet warned of excessive tourism on Fyn. So hurry, hurry, hurry on down before it’s too late ...

We have charming towns and cities, 93 islands (last time we counted) and culinary treats that are well worth the trip

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With 1,200 km of coastline, we always have room for an extra guest:

no matter whether you’re looking for the perfect beach, a great fishing spot, or a peaceful hiking trail with a sea view …

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