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Destination Fyn is the Fyn-based cluster for tourism and the experience economy, as well as a strategic partnership for growth-oriented businesses willing to make investments.

Through development projects and marketing of the destination, we attract holiday and commercial guests with the capacity to boost earnings in the tourism industry, and to generate turnover and employment on Fyn and in the Archipelago.

The initiative is run in the form of a public-private partnership involving nearly 100 cluster members comprising commercial businesses, local authorities and other public sector organisations, as well as a range of knowledge and educational institutions including the University of Southern Denmark.

In all, the businesses involved in the cluster represent several thousand employees, along with the tourism value chain in the form of attractions, culture institutions, hotels and conference centres, campsites, holiday house rental agencies, marinas, carriers, restaurants and food producers, as well as providers of outdoor activities and services.

The administrative work of the Destination Fyn cluster is handled by a cluster secretariat that is a part of the Business Region Fyn (Erhvervshus Fyn) commercial development organisation. The staff of the cluster secretariat possess skills in the fields of strategic management, business development, sales and marketing, digital media, strategic market insight, communication and HR management. Added to this list is specialist insight into the prioritised markets, backed by a range of linguistic skills (Danish, English, German and Mandarin Chinese) that support the ongoing internationalisation of the cluster.

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Do you know our websites? We have a lot! In addition to this site, which will make you wiser about Destination Fyn's work as a tourism cluster, we also have, which is for Danish and international tourists, as well as, which is created for organizers of national and international meetings, conferences and events.

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