Egeskov Slot Heartland Festival

Enchanting Fyn

Spejling af slotshotel Broholm Slot i sø

Follow in the footsteps of princes and princesses

(and kings, barons, baronesses, dukes, duchesses and knights)


Enter an enchanting world where time stands still. Feel the presence of history while you walk through the many great halls and narrow corridors. Lots of fun experiences awaits you at the castles and manor houses on Fyn – take a stroll through the beautiful parks, explore interesting exhibitons, eat a lavish dinner and sleep like a baby in the royal chambers.

Did you know ...

that there are a total of 123 castles and manor houses on Fyn? They are beautifully placed on the little island in the middle of Denmark. Take a trip though the countryside – you can’t miss the many castles and manor houses.

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