Follow in the footsteps of princes and princesses

(and kings, barons, baronesses, dukes, duchesses and knights)


Enter an enchanting world where time stands still. Feel the presence of history while you walk through the many great halls and narrow corridors. Lots of fun experiences awaits you at the castles and manor houses on Fyn – take a stroll through the beautiful parks, explore interesting exhibitons, eat a lavish dinner and sleep like a baby in the royal chambers.

Five amazing castles and manor houses

Photo: Destination Fyn

Did you know ...

that there are a total of 123 castles and manor houses on Fyn? They are beautifully placed on the little island in the middle of Denmark. Take a trip though the countryside – you can’t miss the many castles and manor houses.

Overview of the castles and manor houses on Fyn

Photo: Knud Mortensen

Egeskov Castle – a castle bustling with activity

Egeskov Castle is the biggest tourist attraction on Fyn – so you don’t want to miss it. Come visit the best-preserved moat castle in Europe. Experience an award-winning park, lots of exhibits and the beautiful chambers and halls inside of the castle.

Visit Valdemars Castle

On the small island, Tåsinge, you can find one of Fyns most impressive castles – Valdemars Castle. When you enter the castle doors, you enter a whole new world. Princes and princesses, barons and baronesses has walked the halls and now it is your turn to explore the beautiful castle.

Stay like a royal at Broholm Castle

You will find Broholm Castle in the beautiful nature on the southern part of Fyn – the place is like a fairytale complete with towers, spires, a moat and a big park. Book a luxurious stay at Broholm Castle and go on an exciting journey almost 700 years back in time.

Experiences out of this world

The many castles and manor houses are not just beautiful to look at – they also offer countless fun and exciting experiences.

Parks and gardens

Roses in all colors, big rhododendron bushes, elegant baroque gardens – experience this and much more in the beautiful castle gardens on Fyn.

Special events

Castle festivals comes in all shapes and sizes – experience live music, veteran cars and authentic medieval atmosphere.

Gourmet food

Are you looking for a food experience out of the ordinary? Visit one of these castle restaurants and enjoy delicious gourmet food.

Castle stays

Pamper yourself or someone you love with a luxurious castle stay. Stay, sleep and eat like a royal – what’s not to like?

Thrilling ghost stories from the castles on Fyn

There are lots of old stories about inexplicable events happening in the castles on Fyn. Candles are falling down, chairs are being pushed, doors are being slammed, inexplicable sounds and sudden chills. What would a castle be without a ghost?

Ghost stories and stories about H. C. Andersen – the castles and manor houses on Fyn got it all.

Follow the Hans Christian Andersen Trail

The fairy tale poet H. C. Andersen was frequent guest of the castles and manors at Fyn. Explore the countrysite of Fyn and go follow the footsteps of the famous poet. A total of 15 castles and manors have a unique H. C. Andersen story to tell