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Restaurant in Hesselhuset by the water. 

Skræddergyden 34

5800 Nyborg


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When we in the spring 2010 got the possibility to buy Hesselhuset a dream came through for Line and I.

Nature is just outside the door, we are surrounded by the forest, beach and ocean. This gives our place a special charm and after a complete renovation Hesselhuset became the perfect place for our restaurant Lieffroy.

Together with my father Jean Louis we have created Restaurant Lieffroy with the purpose to keep an uncompromisingly high quality level and an acceptable price level.

Fyn is the garden of Denmark and the food we are serving is made of the best raw materials, which are available at the moment. Our main suppliers are from Fyn, with whom we have built up a very good cooperation.

The menu is changing every second week and is following the current season.

The most important thing for us is, that our customers feel comfortable and welcome in our restaurant. We are looking forward to seeing you and to cooking dinner for you and your family.


Skræddergyden 34

5800 Nyborg

Opening hours

01 Jan 19 / 31 Dec 20


18:00 -

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