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Safe diving

Safe diving

Diving is a fascinating and addictive sport. Always remember to take responsibility for your safety and your equipment. Søsportens Sikkerhedsråd (The Pleasure Craft Safety Board) has developed 10 rules that can be considered as a minimum compromise between the rules within the diving organizations:

1 Dive only if you are fit and healthy
2 Know the diving conditions
3 Be careful with your equipment
4 Follow the diving supervisor's instructions
5 Know and respect the diving table
6 Never dive alone
7 Ensure optimum balance
8 Breathe deeply and calmly
9 Use support at the surface (such as buoys, boat or raft)
10 Know regulations and law. Always use dive flags.

Proper diving

Danish maritime law stipulates following:

1 The International Code flag "A" (120 x 100 cm ) must be placed at any form of diving in open water. Distance between flag and diver must not exceed 30 M near the surface. The diving flag used is an at least 1 meter high inflated representation of the international flag ALFA, which must be visible from all directions and be illuminated at night and in foggy weather conditions.
2 The flag must be visible and inflated at least 100 cm above the water surface and must be placed at both ends of the diving area
3 If the divers move outside the designated area, there must be a backup boat present, leading signal flag "A"
4 All diving teams should bring drag buoys, which clearly shows a diver's position at the surface
5 During evening and night dives, the dive flag on the surface buoy or boat must be illuminated

Emergency phone:112
SOK : +45 8943 3099