UCI Cross Bogense cykling

Awards and recognition

Photo: Andreas Mikkel

In recent years, Fyn has received several recognitions and awards for its offerings to international turists.  Here you'll find more details about the latest awards and recognitions of Fyn. 

Scandinavia's best outdoor destination 2019

Yesterday on the great, international travel trade fair in Berlin, Fyn was celebrated Scandinavia's best Outdoor Destination 2019 by Scandinavian Outdoor TRAVEL. The award is yet another recognition of the strong, collaborative turism-work,  that are being carried out by Destination Fyn.

UCI Bike Region

1200 km of bicycle paths, tailored services for cycle turists in South Fyn, and super-cycle paths in Odense are just some of the elements, that convinced UCI to award Fyn with the recognition of being a UCI Bike Region.

The Baltic Sea Route - Cycle Route of the Year 2019

Today, The Baltic Sea Route was awarded 'Best Cycle Route 2019'. It's a recognition of the recently inaugurated danish cycle route, that has ambitions of attrackting turists from all over Europe, and that will be part of the danish stages of Tour de France 2021.

Cycle tourism solution of the year 2017

Bike Island receives national recognition: Destination Fyn and Kildemoes win the award for “Cycle tourism solution of the year 2017”.

Garden Destination of the Year 2017

Fyn garners international recognition from The Luxury Travel Guide, where it is praised for its unspoiled green oases, hilly landscapes and local food production. However, what really attracted the attention of the judges were the parks and highly recognised gardens on Fyn.