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Bane, deltagere og publikum til VM i Cyklecross med havet i baggrunden.

Events and experiences

Photo: Lars Møller

With the attraction of major international sports events, we put Fyn on the map, generate growth in the tourism industry and provide our guests and locals with captivating experiences.

Destination Fyn contributes to the improvement of carefully selected tournaments and championships, by elevating them from merely sporting events to the complete experience. This will ultimately benefit our visitors as well as the local citizens and companies. 

We recognize that it largely stems from our hospitality. When Fyn has guests over – in this case, the specific sporting event – we don’t except them to feel right at home among half a million inhabitants. However, as a guest of Fyn one can look forward to surprises. For instance, when companies come together to enhance their operations. Or when the guests return home with such wonderful experiences that it makes them want to come back. All of this makes the more attractive as it continues to the next destination, or when it grows bigger right here on Fyn.

Hyundai Bueskydning

Photo:Lars Møller

Thus, to attract events, Destination Fyn utilizes our regional strengths – and furthermore keeps them coming back year after year, such as the world’s fifth-largest badminton tournament, Denmark Open. Sports events on Fyn will be characterized by the Funen charm, and local anchoring, which is rooted in 20 years of experience and solid teamwork across Fyn’s ten municipalities.  

Destination Fyn has great connections. The island has bridges east, west, and south, which connects us the rest of Denmark and the string of small islands that are located in the beautiful sailing waters, covering 1000 km around Fyn. Moreover, 1200 km of bike trails makes Fyn a unique bike island.  

Moreover, in a more figurative speech, the great connections also imply to the regional business world. Being a part of Business Hub Fyn (Erhvervshus Fyn), we have access to the regional business clusters. Fyn especially has strong clusters within the drone and robotics technology, maritime trade and the construction sector. As an event destination, this provides Fyn with opportunities when it comes to utilising the events for regional business purposes such as export, trading and networking.

Sportevents skaber mulighed for handelsaftaler

Photo:Destination Fyn

Here on Fyn, we also want to attract the sport events along with the conferences and similar business tourism. For example, when we take advantage of having won a cycling sport event to also attracting a traditional conference, for instance, from a union or network within cycling.  

This also apply when we develop concepts, which the regional hotels and conference centres can use across leisure and business guests. E.g., in relation to sustainability and digitalisation. Concepts that make Fyn more attractive as a sport event destination as well as a host for business conferences. Because Destination Fyn insists on utilizing the synergies between these two areas of business ensuring that they generate revenue, contribute to international relationship building and promote the knowledge of Fyn.   

Overview of sport events

Jakob Lund Staun

Head of Business & Sport Events

Behind the big sports events

What goes on behind the scenes from dream to reality when Destination Fyn sets out to attract major sports events to Fyn? Listen to this podcast, where event manager Jakob Staun takes us into the engine room and shares details from his work, which often takes place some distance from the actual sports arena. 

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