This is Fyn

Have you considered Fyn as a location for your national or international meetings and conferences? Give us five minutes and we will give you six good reasons why Fyn is the perfect place for you and your event.

6 good reasons

With its location in the heart of Denmark, Fyn has always been a place to meet. Good infrastructure and short distances reduce transport time to a minimum and with its long history of hosting conferences, Fyn boasts some of Denmark’s most experienced meeting venues. Many venues are uniquely situated right on the shores of Fyn, offering rich possibilities to integrate nature and water in your conference. Elite research institutions and strongholds within, among others, robotics, health technology and the maritime sector, brings relevant knowledge to your meeting room.

We look forward to welcoming you on Fyn! 

1. Easy to reach 

Being the geographical centre of Denmark, Fyn is very well connected to north, south, east and west through an expansive infrastructure network. Reliable and frequent train and bus connections offer a comfortable and sustainable form of transport. Fyn is easy to reach from both Copenhagen and Billund airports. 


2. Top-level knowhow and knowledge 

Highly specialised research and scientific knowledge can be found at University of Southern Denmark and at Fyn’s other knowledge institutions. Fyn has a strong tradition for close collaboration between research, business and the public sector, which has provided fertile ground for many conferences over time. 


3. Your meeting with nature 

A large proportion of the hotels and venues on Fyn are blessed with scenic surroundings next to water and forest. It offers ample possibilities to combine the programme in the meeting room with activities – professional as well as social – outdoor. Many venues let the natural surroundings inspire their facilities and offers, as can be seen in dedicated sustainability efforts.  


4. The taste of Fyn 

Known as “Denmark’s garden” due to its fertile soil and tradition for food production, you will get to taste the local products when meeting on Fyn. There’s a great pride in serving products grown on the fields or caught in the waters surrounding the island – no matter if at a gourmet restaurant or for a stable, solid meal. Don’t miss out on Fyn’s beloved and famous cake, the “brunsviger”! 


5. The breath of history 

With 123 castles and mansions, Fyn has one of the world’s densest concentration of these historical premises. Many serve as venues for meetings and events, giving you a unique chance to host your conference in a knight’s hall while overlooking the moat. Many too has accommodation in the castle wings.  


6. Out of the box 

Fynboer – the inhabitants of the island – like to think creatively. Events such as Heartland and Tinderbox festivals and Magical Days’ fantasy universe have quickly established themselves as colourful attractions. You can also take the unique walk 60 metres above the Little Belt waters on top of a railroad bridge or have a stayover among Europe’s largest concentration of bison. If you dare to challenge the norms, you will have the chance on Fyn.  

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