ICCA Nordic Chapter Meeting 2024 / Odense – Where Fairytales Meets Intelligence

ICCA Program

Photo: Destination Fyn

Program: ICCA Nordic Chapter Meeting, 5.-7. March 2024 in Odense

Tuesday March 5th 

Location: Drewsens


12-18 Registration is open in the lobby of Hotel Odeon

13.40 City Walk to Drewsens (duration 10-15 min.)

14.00 First Timers Session (duration: 45 min.)

Welcome to the First Timers Session – your golden gateway to the ICCA community! 

This is your unique opportunity to delve into the heart of the meeting industry in the Nordics, build valuable networks, and learn from leading industry experts. 

Join our dedicated community and take your first steps towards shaping the future for meeting professionals. 

Let's create new opportunities together!

Presented by Arve Lindgren, Director of Conventions, Bergen Convention Bureau with a short introduction to ICCA from Efi Koudeli, Europe Regional Manager, ICCA Head Office

14.00 Business Leads Exchange (Parallel Session) (duration: 45 min.)

Presented by Hildur Björg Bæringsdóttir, Director of Research and Lead Generation, Meet in Reykjavik – Iceland Convention Bureau – registration needed.

14.55 Welcome to Odense by Mayor Peter Rahbæk Juel (duration 25 min.)

15.20 Unlocking the Future: Mastering Artificial Intelligence for Tomorrow's Success (duration: 90 min.) (logo)

Over the past ten years, David Guldager has been a constant figure in the Danish media landscape. 
Primarily, he is known as the man with his finger on the tech pulse. 
Since 2008, he has been an editor at TV 2, analyzing and commenting on digital development for both private individuals and the business sector.

Understand and exploit one of the greatest technological trends of our time, artificial intelligence. It is a tool without equal, one that must be mastered and maintained. For within the next few years, most industries and sectors will have their own form of artificial intelligence. It's just a matter of time, and therefore, it's about you becoming better at understanding what is coming.

In this presentation, you will be inspired and guided through by the many surprising, good, and fun examples of artificial intelligence out there. 
You will receive some tips to better utilize the various tools in your daily work, and you will leave with knowledge and a skill that can strengthen your future work life.

Entertaining lectures with inspiring and concrete examples.
Exercises with selected artificial intelligences.
Try your hand at ChatGPT, Midjourney, Teachable Machine, and more selected.

16.50 ICCA Talks (duration: 30 min.) 

Headquarter update and joint discussion w. Efi Koudeli, Europe Regional Manager, ICCA Head Office and Frances van Klaveren, Community Engagement Manager, ICCA Head Office

17.20 City Walk to Hotel Odeon (duration 10-15 min.)

17.20 Working Break (duration 40 min.) Free Time

We kindly request all delegates to be actively involved in the daily program and our joint discussions. 
Recognizing that you might have business matters to address at home, we will reserve space each day for you to get your work done.

18.00 City Walk to Storms Pakhus (duration: 20-25 min.)

18.25 Welcome to ICCA Nordic Chapter Meeting 2024 (duration 15 min.)

w. Kent Kordt Röder, Chapter Chair, ICCA Nordic

18.40 Street Food of your choice (dinner)

Including Nordic Pop Quiz and drinks

21.15 City Walk to Hotel Odeon (duration: 20-25 min.)

21.30 The Official ICCA Bar is open at Hotel Odeon (pay bar)

Wednesday March 6th 

Location: Brandts Klædefabrik

07.00 Let’s Get Physical – (duration: 60 min.) meeting place in the Hotel Odeon lobby

Choose between:

•    A refreshing dip in the harbor bath
•    A 5 km run with a local running club
•    A scenic coffee walks in Odense with Nelles

Remember to register.

08.45 City Walk to Brandts Klædefabrik (duration: 10-12 min.)

09.00 - Good morning Sunshine – a vitamin boost to kickstart your day (duration: 15 min.)

This we will keep as a small surprise for you.

09.15 – The Robots are coming (duration: 45 min.)

w. Søren Elmer Kristensen, CEO of Odense Robotics, Denmark’s cluster for robotics, automation and drones.

10.05 – Best Practices (duration: 45 min)

In our Circle of Insights session, we're setting the stage to leverage the vast knowledge within our chapter. 

This is a unique forum where you can engage with your colleagues, who are not only experts in their fields but also your fellow knowledge sharers. 

Here, we'll exchange best practices, navigate through both our successes and challenges, and foster an environment of mutual learning and support. 

We urge you to come prepared with your questions, a keen sense of curiosity, and a readiness to share your insights and experiences. Don't miss this integral opportunity to contribute to and benefit from our collective wisdom."

Best Practices: Max 10-minute presentations.
Moderated by Klaus Knakkergaard, journalist.

11.10 Association Expert Forum (AEF) re-booted for the next 3 years (duration: 30 min.)

To strengthen the ties between associations and encourage more frequent exchanges, we are launching a three-year initiative. 

This endeavor will be led by a committed team of colleagues from across the Nordics, who will focus on fostering closer connections and continuous dialogue within our community.

The initiative will be showcased by Arve Lindgren, Director of Conventions at the Bergen Convention Bureau, and Anna Lindström, Director of the Uppsala Convention Bureau. 

Their expertise and leadership are pivotal in guiding this project towards enhancing collaboration and communication among associations.

11.45 Coffee Break (duration 15 min.)


12.00 All Green (duration: 60 min.)

Join us in "All Green" to explore how sustainability, CO2 measurement, and regenerative practices can transform events across the Nordics. This session is an open invitation to be inspired, break down barriers, and engage in meaningful dialogue on pioneering a sustainable future.

You will meet in individual presentations:

Inge Krogh Larsen and Anne Seeberg from GDS-Movement
René Channouf Jacobsen, founder of ClimateScore

13.00 Networking Lunch (duration: 60 min.)


14.00 The Danish Legacy Journey and Copenhagen’s Approach 

Presented by Peter Dyhr Andreassen, Head of Secretariat, Meet Denmark and Jakob Kjeldgaard, Project Manager, Copenhagen Legacy Lab.

14.45 CPH Risk Assessment (duration 40 min.) tbc


15.25 Coffee Break (duration: 15 min.)


15.40 Family Photo


16.00 City Walk to Hotel Odeon (duration: 10-12 min.)


16.00 Working Break (duration: 60 min.)

We kindly request all delegates to be actively involved in the daily program and our joint discussions. 
Recognizing that you might have business matters to address at home, we will reserve space each day for you to get your work done.

17.00 City Walk to Alfred & Kamilla (duration: 20-25 min.) – we meet in the lobby at Hotel Odeon


17.30 Networking dinner (duration 3 hrs.)

We will be baking pizza together

20.30 City Walk to Hotel Odeon (duration: 20-25 min.)


21.00: Day ends – The Official ICCA Bar at Hotel Odeon is Open (pay bar)

Thursday March 7th 

Location: Hotel Odeon

08.30 Crowd-source Topics (duration: 90 min.)

Join us for an innovative session designed specifically for meeting professionals, where your insights shape the agenda. Through a crowd-sourced approach, we'll delve into the most pressing topics and challenges facing our industry today, with participants divided into groups for deeper discussions. Engage, share, and learn directly from your peers in this dynamic exchange of ideas.

10.10 Winning Strategies: Maximizing Impact and Visibility in Major Sports Events (duration: 30 min.)

Discover how to leverage our industry's strengths during major sports events in this insightful session led by Jakob Lund Staun, Head of Events, destination Fyn. 

With extensive experience in managing high-profile events like the Tour de France, badminton, and golf, Jakob will share valuable insights on maximizing our visibility and impact. Learn strategies and tips to elevate your role and create unforgettable experiences at these global gatherings.

10.40 Coffee Break (duration: 15 minutes)

10.55 Chapter Matters (duration 40 min.)

Explore the pivotal themes shaping our future in the "Chapter Matters" session, where we discuss the core concerns and aspirations of the ICCA Nordic Chapter. 

Engage in meaningful conversations on our evolution, our contributions to ICCA World, and the support we seek from the global ICCA community. This interactive session is your opportunity to voice what truly matters to us, fostering a collaborative path forward.

11.35 Wrapping Up

11.50 Kiss & Goodbye

A heartfelt farewell that encapsulates our shared experiences and learning. As we part ways, let's carry forward the insights, connections, and inspirations gathered here, ready to make a lasting impact in our industry - see you in Oslo in 2025.

Grab your travel-friendly lunch bag.