Vi skal helt sikkert mødes

Let's meet up safely

Photo: MeetDenmark

In cooperation with MeetDenmark and with the support of the Danish Board of Business we have created an inspirational catalogue with creative ideas for planning a safe and secure meeting.

Covid-19 changed the world as we know it, turning our daily lives, work, and ways of meeting upside down. That’s especially true for those of us who typically have lots of inperson meetings with people at meetings, conferences, and events. An entire industry came to a grinding halt, but the many cancellations didn’t just lead to stagnation. They inspired innovation.

People went back to the drawing board to think of new ways of meeting. They honed their digital skills to offer virtual alternatives to events. But even though creativity and the drive to innovate has flourished, people need in-person meetings and spaces where they can let themselves be inspired.

Although in-person meetings are making a comeback, we shouldn’t turn our backs on all the great developments we’ve seen over the course of the pandemic. We can and should learn from it and keep striving for innovation.

Because the world after Covid-19 doesn’t look like the one that we knew. You’ve learnt a lot, and because we’ve all been through the same thing, you know your attendees better than ever before.

You know what has worked during the pandemic and what your collaborators long for – You know the specific context, and you’ve had the chance to experiment, creating experiences with new ideas and formats.

We’ve interviewed people in the Danish meeting industry across geography, size, and place in the value chain to create this inspirational catalogue. We asked them about their best examples and ideas for planning and executing in-person meetings and conferences. The catalogue is peppered with international cases from places that began to reopen earlier than we did, allowing people to experiment more with the formats of meetings and conferences, much to our inspiration.

We hope these examples will inspire you to keep developing, so you can return to safe and comfortable in-person meetings—even in a world with Covid-19 and its repercussions

Developed by Innovation Lab for MeetDenmark with the support of the Danish Board of Business Development, May 2021