Go to Avernakø and experience stunning nature. Take your fishing pole with you and try to catch a fish or two.

Avernakø is one of the more commonly known islands in the South Funen Archipelago. The island is approx. 8 km long, which means that you can explore the island on a single day. Today, the island is inhabited by approx. 100 people. Like the inhabitants, you can get to the island by taking the ferry from Faaborg.

Taking the bike or exploring the island on foot is the best way to see the island. This way you come colse to the nature in a slow pace, which means that you can take in all of the sights. Take the smaller roads and paths and see where they take you. Maybe you are lucky enough to see one of the rare European fire-bellied toads, which can be found in some of the waterhole on the island.

Tre cyklister set bagfra, der kører på en lille asfaltvej med marker til begge sider og hav i baggrunden.


Sandy beaches and places to go fishing

If you go to the island on a hot summer day, you must go to one of the many great beaches on the island. The island is surrounded by approx. 19 km coastal line. If come across a great spot, you are likely to have to beach to yourself. So just take of your clothes, out on a bathing suit and enjoy the water and the weather from your very own private beach.

There are several great fishing spots on the island. If you like fishing, or even if you have never tried it before, it is a good idea to bring fishing gear when visiting the island. Toss the line, sit back and enjoy life in a quiet moment with only the sound of the waves in the background. Maybe you are lucky enough to catch a fish or two.

The Maypole

Avernakø has a very special tradition, which take place on Saturday at Whitsun. The tradition of the maypole is almost extinct in Denmark, but the people on Avernakø and Strynø are holding on to the tradition. 

The maypole is raised to celebrate the coming of summer. Unlike Strynø, the tradition is found in its original form on Avernakø. The pole must be the right type of pole, it must be raised in a certain way, it must be decorated the right way and of course it must be celebrated the right way.

Even though the tradition mostly is celebrated by the inhabitants on the island, tourist are welcome to take part in the celebrations and see how it all works. You can read more about the maypole tradition right here.

If you want to know more about this small island in the South Funen Archipelago, please visit the island's website (in Danish).