Vandring på Øhavsstien - Fjällræven classic

Active experiences

The active adventure awaits..

.. in the nature on Fyn! Vacation does not necessarily equals sofas, series and sunbathing. Fyn and the islands are the perfect playground for everyone who loves action and beautiful nature. Fire up an active vacation with hiking, cycling, kayaking, diving, sailing, fishing and much more!

Hiking on Fyn



The coasts of Fyn and the islands offers some of the best fishing spots in Denmark. So put bait on the hook and come fish!


Explore the archipelago and the many beautiful coasts of Fyn. Especially the South Funen Archipelago is the perfect spot!


Fyn and the islands – the best cycle destination in Denmark! Experience the nature in a totally new way from your bike.


You don’t need to go to exotic places to get some great dives – the waters surrounding Fyn offers lots of interesting diving experiences.

Go explore with your kids!

Do the children need to burn off some energy? Fortunately, Fyn offers child-friendly nature experiences that guaranteed will tire out those hyperactive children. You might as well take a rest.

The finest playgrounds on Fyn

Kids need to blow off some steam? Then head out to the local playgrounds. You’ll find them in all shapes and sizes: in the green woods; as a safe haven for children in the heart of town; and as a natural part of the local harbour settings. Admission to all playgrounds is, of course, free.

Wonderful beaches on Fyn and the Islands

While conditions vary greatly from place to place around Fyn and the Islands, the swimming water is always top quality. Fyn and the Islands have fully 1,100 km of coastline featuring a string of truly delightful beaches. Here are some of the most beautiful.

Explore nature on Fyn

Photo: Daniel Villadsen

Abandoned islands

Be Robinson Crusoe for a day and visit on of these abandoned islands- explore the unspoiled nature and experience something truly unique!

Island hopping

Go explore the archipelago and the many small islands. Visit Lyø, Strynø or one of the other small island and experience authentic island atmosphere.

Maritime experiences

Are you longing for the sea? Fyn offers lots of experiences on the open sea – sailing, diving, kayaking, angling and much more.

Det fynske golfparadis

Photo: VisitDenmark