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Fynske råvarer - steensgaard

From fine Fyn fields to magnificent meals

Explore the ambitious restaurant scene on Fyn, sample local specialities and discover dishes prepared using only the freshest ingredients drawn directly from the rich local loam.

Gastro Fyn:
Enjoy the gourmet experience of a lifetime

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On the trail of Fyn temptations

You’re on holiday. So there is every reason to give in to temptation for a change and indulge in delicious treats served up by quality-conscious producers of beer, chocolate and wine on Fyn. We have collected the best of the best on three special routes that must surely earn a place on any bucket list.

Follow the Fyn Beer Route

Fyn is home to breweries large and small that are happy to open their doors to visitors. Within the walls, passionate brewers combine ingredients and tastes to create beer of the finest quality. Swing by one or more on The Fyn Beer Route.

Follow the Fyn Chocolate Route

If your sweet tooth tends towards the elite, then the Fyn Chocolate Route is an absolute must for your next visit. The route takes you to chocolate makers who live and breathe for presenting an intense taste experience, and ensuring the chocolate has just the right snap.

Follow the Fyn Wine Route

Passion for body, bouquet and the noble art of the wine-maker permeates life at the wineries on Fyn. This becomes abundantly clear as you stroll along the lines of vines, or chat with the vintners about their passion for cultivating and refining the grape varieties that flourish on Fyn.

More than just a meal …

Familiarise yourself with the best places to eat on Fyn – regardless of whether you’re looking for urban street food, child-friendly buffets or Michelin-level culinary delights.

Top restaurants on Fyn

This guide is based on reviews from Den Danske Spiseguide (The Danish Eating Guide).

Treats for small tummies

Find the most child-friendly restaurants in a jiffy.

Great places to eat on Fyn

Eat your fill at wonderful street food stalls, cafés and restaurants.

Dine at the castles and manor houses on Fyn

Dine like a king at these three castles.

Eat like a local

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Fyn – The garden of Denmark

The nutrient-rich soil of Fyn has kept Denmark well supplied with the best fruit and vegetables for centuries. Seek out newly picked apples, freshly caught fish and delicious local delicacies at the numerous markets and food fairs and festivals on Fyn.

Market days and food fairs

Hunt down the year’s first crispy asparagus, your favourite cheese or freshly landed fjord shrimps at one of the numerous atmospheric markets and food fairs on Fyn.

Food festivals

Throughout the year the cities of Fyn hold a number of festivals with food as the main theme. Spis! Odense Food Festival, Danehof in Nyborg and the largest Nordic food market, Culinary South Fyn, in Svendborg - just to name a few. Here is the list of the largest food events of the year: