Bjørnø set fra luften, omkranset af vand til alle sider.


Photo: VisitFyn

Walk all around the island in a couple of hours, but stay longer to explore the island and nature. Bjørnø is the perfect place for hiking.

Bjørnø is one of the smallest islands in the South Funen Archipelago with its 1,5 square meters. The island is the perfect place for a one day trip. You can walk around the coast in a couple of hours, but if you want to explore, you can easily spend a whole day on the island. It is easy to get around the island via paths, however, the island is not particularly bike friendly.

You get to the island with the ferry from Faaborg. You can also get to the island by boat, kayak or canoo.

Båd i vandet ved Bjørnø. Bagved ses pæle og hegn ude i vandet, og i baggrunden ses land.


Island hopping in the South Funen Archipelago

If you want to experience several of the wonderful islands in the archipelago, the best thing is to take an island hop trip. If you go island hopping, Bjørnø is an obvious stop. You can also make a stop an Lyø, Avernakø, Skarø, Drejø, Ærø and Hjortø. You can either use just a day going from island to island, or you can spend the night on one or two islands and use several days exploring the islands.

An island hop in the archipelago is the perfect opportunity to experience the beautiful nature on the small islands. Many of the island offers some quite unique experiences. You can plan your own island hop by looking at the time tables for the different ferries, or you can look up one of the tourists agencies on South Fyn and let them plan the trip for you. Plan your own island hop right here.

Marker og grønne omgivelser samt en flok køer, der går og græsser i baggrunden.


The nature on Bjørnø

The island is hilly with hills from 16 m to 24 m tall. The tallest hill on the island is Højbjerg (Tall mountain). You can also experience Lysbjerg (Light mountain), which is 16 m tall, or experience Milebjerg (Sand dune mountain), which is 23 m tall. Towards the eastern part of the island, the landscape flattens and goes into a reef and several small islets. 

Towards north-west, you can experience a beautiful salt meadow with a rich animal and plant life. If you get lucky, you might hear or see the protected European green toad. You can also see different birds. Especially the sand martin is easy to spot. The sand martin has its nest in the side of the tall cliffs along the south-western coast on the island.

If you take a walk around the island, you will notice that there are no forests on the island. The hilly landscape is the islands biggest force. Notice that the south-western part of the island is protected from March 1st to July 15th because of the birds breeding period. If you bring your binoculars in this period, you can spot breeding grey herons. 

Idyllisk hvidt bindingsværkshus med sort tag på Bjørnø. I forgrunden en blomstrende mark af blå, røde og hvide sommerblomster.


Spend the night

If you want to spend the night on the island, you can bring a tent and place it on the primitive camp site on the island. If you are on the island during summer, you can get the most basic things in the kiosk. You can also spend the night on the island's Bed & Breakfast.

It is a good idea to remember your swimsuit, if you go to the island during the summer months. There are some great beaches in the island. The best spot is on the north-western side, at a place called Digerne. The north-eastern side of the island is not great place to go bathing. 

If you want to know more about the island, please visit the island's own website.