Drejø set fra oven


Photo: VisitFyn

Drejø is a habitat for the beautiful white fallow deer. The island invites you to enjoy beautiful nature, scenic hiking trails, cozy villiage idyll and great fishing spots.

Drejø is one of the smallest islands in the South Funen Archipelago. The island is only 5 km long and 2 km wide. It is therefore the obvious choice to walk or bike around the island. You get to the island by taking the ferry from Svendborg. If you want to explore the island on foot, you can follow the established nature trails. One trail is 3 km long and the other is 5 km long. Read more about the trails here (in Danish). 

Fem badende børn ved Drejø. To børn står oppe på en træ-platform, de tre andre er nede i vandet.


Animal life and beautiful nature

Even though the island is small, there is still a rich animal life on the island. The island offers many stunning nature experiences. The island is inhabited by rare white fallow deer. If you get lucky you might get a glimpse of this beautiful creature. You may have to be patient, because the creature is shy and tends to run the other way when you try to get close. 

On the western part of the island, you can see beautiful cliffs, while you can find the good beaches on the south side of the island. You can find great fishing spot all around the coastal line of the island. Remember to bring your fishing gear, if you want to try your luck. Among other things you can catch sea trout.

På jord dækket af sne står 14 dådyr. 7 hvide og 7 sorte.


Idyllic villages

On your trip around the island, you cannot avoid getting hit by idyllic and romantic village atmosphere. Drejø Town consists of old timber-framed houses. However, you will also come across more recent houses build after the great town fire in 1942.

The beautiful surroundings are ideal for an evening stroll in the beautiful light of the sunset. If you stay overnight on the island, you must take a walk in the beautiful twilight, because the atmosphere in the town is quite special during these hours.

Færge ved færgeleje. Mennesker til fods med masser af oppakning går på vejen i retning mod færgen.


Spend the night in a shelter

If you want to spend the night out in nature away from civilization, Drejø is the place to go. The island is the ideal place for spending the night in a tent or a shelter. You can bring your own, or stay in the architect designed shelters. When you spend the night in a shelter or a tent, it must be primitive. However, if you need fresh supplies, you can buy the most basic groceries at the only grocer on the island.

The island has 3 architect designed shelters on the southern part of the island. They are called "Stenbider", "Skrubbe 1" and "Skrubbe 2" (Lumpfish and Flounder 1 and 2). if you spend the night here, you can visit one of the best beaches on the island. Here you get the most amazing view out over the ocean and Ærø in the horizon. The shelters must be booked in advance. You can book the shelter here.

Shelter med træinteriør og en lille plads foran.