Dronebillede af Hjortø. Øen er både omgivet af blåt vand og himmel.


Photo: VisitFyn

Go to Hjortø, if you want unique nature experiences and to experience total serenity. There are no shops or restaurant on the island. Visiting this small island is primitive, but that's the charm.

The small island in the South Funen Archipelago is only just under 1km2. Hjortø is one of the inhabited islands in the archipelago with the lowest population. At the time of writing, there are only 7 inhabitants on the island. Getting to the island will take about an hour by boat. You can get to the island by taking the small boat from Svendborg, Hjortøboen. The boat sails twice a day.

You can also get to the island in your own boat. If you are sailing in the South Funen Archipelago, it is a great idea to visit this small island. You can also visit the island as a part of an island-hopping trip, where you visit several of the islands in the South Funen Archipelago. 

En lille blå og hvis færgebåd med passagerer om bord ligger i vandet tæt vej kajen.


The intimate island life

The special thing about this little island, is the tight-knit community. There are only about 7 people living on the island all year round, and these people are in a close community with the people who owns summerhouses on the island. These inhabitants make life on this small island work. To get the everyday life on the island to run smoothly, it is important that the people work together. 

The permanent residents on the island all own a small part of the local hall. They work together to maintain the building, so it can be rented out to private parties, schools and other institutions visiting the island. The community is strengthened as the locals select a new guild master every year. The guild master must oversee all the practical tasks on the island. 

Smuk og rolig solnedgang på Hjortø. Den går ned over vandet, og i venstre side ligger marken hen i mørket.


Special nature experiences

The small island as a special bird and plant life. If you just love nature, you must come and visit this small island. The nature on the island is calm, magnificent, diverse and beautiful.

The inhabitants on the island can easily spot over 100 different bird species. The rich bird life is one of the greatest reasons to come and visit this small island. You can spot the majestic sea eagle and listen to the little Eurasian wren. You can also get lucky and see the big group of barnacle geese, which come to the island every now and again. 

Tre køer står i vandkanten. En mand i blå kedeldragt stå ved siden af og kigger ud på vandet og en båd med to mænd ombord.


The hare is thriving on the island, so you are bound to see a hare or two on your way walking around the island. If you listen closely, especially in July, near the water holes, you might hear the special sound of the European fire-bellied toad. You can only experience this toad a few places in Denmark. During summertime, cattle are brought to the island to graze.

The nature on the island is wild and you can find many beautiful and rare flowers. Take a walk on the island and pick a bouquet of wild flowers. Pick an apple and enjoy the view of the sea. Because of the small size of the island, you can always see the sea no matter where you are on the island. When it is low tide, you can walk straight to the small islets of the coast of the island – Hjælmshoved, Mejlholm and Odden. The best place to take a dip in the ocean is near the old mill.