You can experience different kinds of nature on the island of Langeland. If you are looking for exiting nature experiences, Langeland is the place to go.

The 284 km2  big island invites you to experience some quite unique and interesting places in nature. Venture into nature and go explore the many hidden nooks and crannies of the island. Among other things, you can experience wild horses and an interesting hilly landscape.

If you venture out without a great plan of where to go, you can get lucky and get some amazing aha experiences. Take the twisted roads and paths and discover what awaits on the other side. If you want some inspiration on what to see and where to go, you can get some right here.

Wild horses

Langeland is famous for its wild horses. This is a must see, when you visit the island. It is a quite unique experience to see how the wild horses interact with nature and with the rest of the herd. On the southern part of the island, you can see around 60 wild horses in the area between Dovns Klint and Søgård. On the northern part of the island, you can experience around 25 wild horses in the area called Flået, which is i part of the Tranekær estate.

The horses are a vital part of nature in these areas. They live in nature with minimal human interaction. This way their way of living is as natural as possible. They are wild animals, which means that you must respect their natural environment. If you want to know more about how to respect the horses, you can read about it (in Danish). 


De vilde heste fra Langeland ved sø


The hilly landscape 

During the last ice age, a unique natural phenomenon was created on Langeland. The landscape is hilly all around the island and you can find approximately 1000 small and big hills. Some are up to 20 m high, while others are only a few meters. The unique thing is that many of the hills lie parallel to each other.

If you want to find the best places to experience the hilly landscape, try going to the coastal area near Spodsbjerg. Hear you will find a line of hills, which stand out from the rest of the landscape. You can also see some great examples of the hilly landscape near Nordenbro og Næbbeskov.

If you are looking for more information about the beautiful nature on Langeland, please visit the island's own website