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I fuld solskin går en familie med tre børn på række. De går på en asfaltvej. I baggrunden omfavner træer vejen og i venstre side ses et hvidt bindingsværks hus med stråtag.


Photo: kasper Orthmann Andersen

Take a stroll through true village idyll, visit the Bell Stone and catch a fish for supper. Lyø invites you to have many exiting experiences.

With a total area of 6 square kilometers, Lyø might seem small. However, this does not mean that the small island does not have any exiting experiences. You can get some unique experiences on Lyø. 

The trip to island is great to combine with visits to some of the other islands in the South Funen Archipelago. Take the ferry from Faaborg to visit the island. The island is a great place to bike around. Because of the size of the island, you have plenty of time to explore the island in just one day.

However, if you stay the night you have time to explore the hidden places around the island. You can sleep in a tent or a caravan, stay at the hostel on the island or you can rent one of the cozy holiday houses on the island. Read more about the possibilities for staying the night right here (in Danish).

På en asfalt vej går tre mennesker og en hund. På højre side af vejen er der vand, mens der på venstre side er vand og en havn med en masse både.

Photo:Kasper Orthmann Andersen

Idyllic villages

On the middle of the island you will find the largest city - Lyø town. Here you can experience true village idyll. Take a calm stroll through the town and enjoy the atmosphere. On your way, you will see the old church with a very characteristic round graveyard.

Walk through the narrow alleys and enjoy the sight of the many old timber-framed houses and the beautiful village pounds. Most of the houses can be dated back to the 18th century and some of the houses are older. When you walk through this town you will feel the presence of history. There are only a few places in Denmark where you can find such an exiting village environment as the one on Lyø.

Et gult hus med rødt tag er omringet af træer. Over hoveddøren står skriften "Købmand". I forhaven står varer og en familie kigger på en is-skilt.

Photo:Kasper Orthmann Andersen

The Bell Stone

The island is only 6 square kilometers, which means that you can experience the island by foot or bike. When you take a hike or a ride on your bike you will see some stunning places. On the western part of the island you will find the Bell Stone. The stone respresents and old grave spot.

The name of the stone comes from a very special ability - when you hit the stone, it is said to release clear notes. The stone was placed on Lyø around 3500-3100 BC. The legend says that if the stone releases its noice when you hit it, you can get one wish to come true.

Billedet er af en græsplæne. I venstre side kan man se halvdelen af et bordbænke sæt, og i højre står et par træer. I midten af plænen er et dyssekammer af fire store sten. I horisonten kan man se havet.


Nature experiences

If you love to fish, Lyø is the place to go. Here you will find many great spots for fishing. It is easy to get around, so you can visit several places in the same day. You can either walk or bike from place to place. Remember that a fishing licence is required.

If you want to catch sea trout or cod, you should visit Lyø Trille. Here you can try to catch sea trout in deep water without having to use waders. However, be aware that you cannot visit this area from the 1st of March till the 15th of July. This period the area is closed because of breeding birds. If you want to fish for sea trout in this period, you can go to the south side of the island by the Bell Stone, but here you will need waders.

På en strandbred ligger to kajakker i forgrunden. I horisonten af billedet kan man se en  strandspids hvor der står et lille rødt hus foran solnedgangen.


The reef on Lyø is also a breeding area from March to July. Even though you cannot walk in this area in this period, you can watch the birds from the bird tower. The tower is placed by Vestersjo. Here you will get a stunning view of the area while you are spotting different sea birds. 

If you want to know more about the island and what to see on the island, please visit their website (in Danish).

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