Welcome to Odense - the green capital of Fyn

It's simple to say: Odense is a must, when you visit Fyn. Stay a day - or maby four - in Fyn's only city, which is also home town of the beloved writer Hans Christian Andersen.  

Follow the footsteps of the locals

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Worth a visit...

A visit to Odense is never boring. Here you will find marvelous attractions, beautiful parks and plenty of opportunities to be active in the city.

Attractions in Odense

Odense offers many exciting attractions for both children and adults.

Experience Odense on two wheels

Odense is perfect for cyclists - so get your wheels on and enjoy more of the city.

Odense's green areas

Take a break in one of Odense's many parks and green areas.

Food and drinks

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Hometown of Hans Christian Andersen

Hans Christian Andersen's Odense

Get to know Odense's most famous son, Hans Christian Andersen.

Visit The Funen Village

In the Funen Village you will experience a village milieu as it could have appeared at the time of Hans Christian Andersen.

Events in the spirit of Andersen

Odense buzzes with quirky and spectacular events in the spirit of the poet. Hans Christian Andersen Festivals turns the whole city upside down - and the well-known fairytales come alive with theatrical performances in The Funen Village and The Andersen Garden (Eventyrhaven).

Hans Christian Andersen Festival Plays

Every summer the Hans Christian Andersen Festival Plays in Odense perform a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen in the open air museum The Funen Village. In 2019 the play will be based on the story about The Nightingale. The show lasts app. 1 hour 15 minutes and takes place outside.

The Hans Christian Andersen Parade

The Hans Christian Andersen Parade performs at the fairy tale castle stage in the Fairytale Garden with a whole new performance, "24 small and big actors, 24 adventures, 24 minutes = a true Odense experience" - and it's the 31st season! As always free! Every Monday to Friday at 12.45: Mee...

For more information see Visitodense.com

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