Cykelryttere på kaffecafe

Six great places for coffee

Cycling and coffee have always enjoyed a special bond. We’ve put together a list of great places on Fyn where you can fill up with a delicious cup of coffee before your bike ride.

kaffe og kage fra Pistoria cykelbager

Pistoria is a specialist baker for cyclists. You can leave your bike outside while you nip in for a hot cup of coffee and some delicious local cakes.

Nelles Coffee på Storms pakhus
Nelles - Storms Pakhus

“Nelles” at Storms Pakhus is a fantastic place to start or finish a training ride. Grab a coffee and drink it in the old packhouse buildings, while you share “war stories” with others who have had the same idea.

vissenbjerg bageri logo
Vissenbjerg Bakery

Who couldn’t use a cup of coffee and a delicious cake during a ride through the countryside of Fyn? Vissenbjerg Bageri (Bakery) stands proudly atop the almost mythical Vissenbjergbakke hill. Having completed one of the most legendary climbs on Fyn, reward yourself with coffee and cake at the summit.