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Adventures and bowling fun

Enjoy a family fun day with adventures in Otterup town forest and delicious food in Bielers Restaurant - and see who is the best at the bowling alley!

  • Sleep in a little late
  • Have fun with breakfast
  • Download the free Nature Tales app and go on a Nature Tale in Otterup Town Forest
  • Have lunch in Bielers Gourmet by the bowling alley
  • Grab your bowling shoes and your lane and enjoy a game of bowling where you can bowl and socialise
  • Burn off some energy on the playground outside - for children and adults alike
  • Drive home and enjoy your evening meal

Let the alarm clock go off and sleep until you wake up on your own. Then enjoy breakfast together in peace and quiet and let it be the start of a day full of family experiences. After breakfast, head out into nature with the Nature Tales app in hand and explore Otterup Town Forest, where adventures and fresh air await. Here the whole family can enjoy nature and unwind.

When you get hungry, it's time to head to Bielers Gourmet, located by the bowling alley. Here you can enjoy a delicious lunch and re-energise for the day's next activity. After lunch, pick up your bowling shoes and choose your lane, ready for a game of bowling. A perfect opportunity to socialise together, whether you're competitive or just looking for a good laugh. Remember it's just for fun

After bowling, head outside and burn off some more energy in the playground, which offers fun for kids and adults alike. Here you can enjoy the afternoon sun and each other's company before you slowly start thinking about heading home.

End the day by enjoying dinner at home and perhaps a chat about the day's adventures.

Have a great time!

Practical info:


Otterup Byskov/Town Forest: Otterup Mose, 5450 Otterup
Bowling and Bielers Gourmet: Stadionvej 50, 5450 Otterup

Booking: Book your bowling alley and table the day before at +45 64822343/ bielers.dk


Otterup Byskov/Town Forest: There are no toilets in the urban forest, but there are at Otterup Library (Søndergade 2) and Torvet (Søndergade 5). Both are approximately 1.6 km from Otterup Byskov and approximately 3 km by car.
Bowling alley and Bielers Gourmet: There are toilets on site.