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Aerial art from Denmark

See Denmark from the air at a large exhibition of Jesper Larsen's aerial photos at Hasmark Beach on North Funen - open every day until the end of October 2024!

See how Denmark looks from aerial photographer Jesper Larsen's perspective.

At the exhibition you can see 21 photographs in large format from all over Denmark - but the question is, can you guess where the motifs are from?

The well-known Danish landscapes look completely different from the air, and at the exhibition you will experience a fascinating and dizzying new perspective on the beautiful country.

You will find the exhibition at Hasmark Beach in the cosy area by Hasmark Strandoase. Admission is free of charge.

Aerial photographer Jesper Larsen

Jesper Larsen started as a pilot in 1991 and set up his first aerial photography company the following year. Today, Jesper's company Luftfoto Danmark is one of Scandinavia's largest aerial photography companies. He flies all over Denmark to photograph properties for his clients, and on his flights he has ample opportunity to enjoy the landscape from above.

Gradually, it has become a remarkable collection of images, and now you can see a selection of them at the exhibition in Hasmark.

In October 2023, PAPA (Professional Aerial Photographers Association) awarded Jesper Larsen with the Aerial Photographer of the Year Award. There are approximately 200 members from all over the world in this association for photographers and pilots who operate from real aeroplanes. Among other things, it was the outdoor exhibition, which can now be seen in Hasmark, that impressed the judges.


The exhibition runs from March to the end of October 2024. The exhibition is open all day.


There is a large car park right next to Hasmark Strandoase.