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Ærøskøbing Is

In the town square in Ærøskøbing you'll find Ærøskøbing Is; a cosy café that focuses on homemade gelato, and sometimes you'll find other treats on the menu as well.

In the centre of Ærøskøbing in the old town square, you'll find Ærøskøbing Is.

Here, Heidi & Co. makes ice cream with organic milk and a variety of vegan sorbet ice creams with lots of berries every day.

And of course, you can always get a classic soft ice cream or an old-fashioned ice cream cone with "guf and flødebolle".

Occasionally, grilled toast and homemade pizza also find their way onto the menu, so it's worth checking out the cafe's social media to see what's on offer when you're on the island.

You can enjoy your food and ice cream in their cosy space or under the parasols in the square outside.

Their motto is: Enjoy life and have ice cream in your stomach - pretty good motto, we think.