Afgrunden ("the Chasm") at Vissenbjerg

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Afgrunden "the chasm" at Vissenbjerg, nice natur

Lergyden 42

5492 Vissenbjerg


“The Chasm” - a staircase landscape

The Vissenbjerg landscape – especially in the south – is reminiscent of a giant staircase, with the flat-topped hills forming the steps.

The town of Vissenbjerg is on the uppermost step, approximately 120 metres above sea level. Moving south, we come via a steep wooded slope to the next “step”, around 40 metres below. Many of this leaflet’s hiking routes are located on this step, around Fuglevig, for instance.

The hiking routes follow the step’s southern edge, offering fine views of the third and last step, at the bottom of the 30 metre slope to the south. This step is not as flat or smooth as the first two, as it consists of a fairly hilly landscape with boggy depressions.

From the uppermost and second-highest steps, you can see a hilly landscape to the south of a completely different type, with almost egg-shaped hills, including the protected Frøbjerg Banker and Brændholt Bjerg.


Lergyden 42

5492 Vissenbjerg


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