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Agernæs Havn/Agernæs Harbour

Agernæs Harbour, owned by Assens Municipality, comprising
one small basin with three landing stages for dinghies, a small
fishing jetty and a slipway. Payment with cash only 50 Dkr. each for launching and uptake.

The depth of the harbour basin is 2 metres. The depth of the
approach lane varies due to shoaling. Efforts are made to keep
the approach lane 2 metres deep, but alertness is still required
when approaching, as depths less than 2 metres can occur.

The biggest craft which can enter the harbour:
Length: 20 m  width: 7.5 m.  draught: 1.5 m.
Stay alert in rough seas!

Water levels:
The difference between the average high-water level
and average low-water level is 0.1 m.
Northerly and easterly wind storms cause the water level
to increase by up to 1.4 metres.
Westerly/south-westerly storms cause the water level to
decrease by as much as 1.2 metres.

The harbour may only be entered in broad daylight.
There are no guiding lights.

Resources and facilities
Electricity and water are available on the landing stage/waterfront.

Provisions/oil available in Ebberup.
Toilet and bathing facilities are available.
Dinghy ramp with car park, putting up of vessels over the
quay: maximum pressure 2 x 35 tonnes.

Harbour master - Daily port operation:
available Monday to friday 9 am– 1 p.m.  
tel.: +45  6471 3165

Hiring berths: Assens Habour, Tel.: +45 64 71 31 65 

Customs clearance, Odense, tel.: +45 6543 7300.