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Agernæs Saltvandssøer / Agernæs Saltwater Lakes

Denmark's most beautiful nature lakes

The lakes are temporarily closed for fishing
Due to the large floods in October, the lakes are closed for fishing until (at the earliest) February 1, 2024.
We look forward to seeing you again.


Agernæs Saltwater Lakes are located 15 km from Assens. The six lakes are situated right by Helnæs Bay on a peninsula between the mainland and Helnæs. Agernæs Saltwater Lakes cannot be compared to a put and take lake. There are neither the same facilities nor the same quantity of fish.
Here, the natural experience takes precedence. The area remains as natural as possible with a lot of vegetation in and around the lakes and on the shores. And since the water is not artificially oxygenated with a pump, it is occasionally unclear, just as it would be in a natural lake.
To maintain a healthy population, fish (rainbow trout) are only released twice a year.
The nature around the lakes is fragile, so you should park in the parking lot outside the area and use the paths. There is no waste sorting in the area, so you must take all your waste with you.