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Ann-Kerstina Nielsen - Graphic Artist

Ann-Kerstina Nielsen has worked with graphics since the mid 90’s. She is a member of BKF and Danish Graphic Designers as well as the leader of the SAK Graphic Workshop in Svendborg

Graphics, painting and ceramics

Ann-Kerstina Nielsen regards graphics partly as a form of visual expression and partly as a form of communication. As an artist she also works with painting and ceramics. Over the years Ann-Kerstina Nielsen has been awarded several international prizes for her graphic works, and has participated in well acclaimed exhibitions in both Denmark and abroad.

Keeping the environment in mind

“My graphic works are printed with the greatest possible consideration for the environment, and they are created without the use of chemicals and without heating the printing plate or the inks. For a number of years now I have worked in the spirit of recycling; packaging can be used as a motif, printing plates might be made from recycled cardboard or plexiglass. My way of approaching the graphic universe makes it possible to work with children as young as kindergarden age”  - Ann-Kerstina Nielsen

The Magic of Graphics

“Graphics are a form of magic….crossed fingers, a sweaty brow and holding your breath while the printing plate passes through the press. The unforgiving NOW, when the felt is lifted off the plate and the finished image revealed. The moment the printing ink leaves the image of the subject and is transferred, mirrored, to the surface of the paper. The expectations and final release of the finished print.” -Ann-Kerstina Nielsen


Ann-Kerstina Nielsen was born in 1965. She has been a major figure in the artistic and cultural life of South Funen for many years. In 2019 she moved to Kædeby on Langeland and since 2020 she has run a gallery at Ristingevej 29 together with her husband.

If you would like to see more….

You can visit GALLERI NO 44 at Ristingevej 29, 5932 Humble, where Ann-Kerstina Nielsen runs a gallery, workshop and café together with her husband Per Buk. She also participates in the Artist’s Open Door event every year and the annual exhibition of Langeland’s Artists at Nowhuset in Tullebølle.