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Archipelago Trail: Fjællebroen - Egebjerg Bakker - Svendborg

Walk on this 30 km long stretch of the Archipelago Trail where you'll both walk along the seaside and through the forest.

This beautiful, yet sometimes wet stretch starts at the coast near Fjællebroen and takes you along the southern coast of Funen to the meltwater valley of Syltemade Ådal, where you'll find 'Præstens Skov' (The Priest's Forest). With its old gnarled trees, dense covering of ramsons in early summer, and fine views over the Archipelago on the eastern side of the forest, it makes for a great 'coffee spot'. When you're ready to move on from this gem, the route leads you further to Vester Skerninge, where both the church and the inn are interesting historical buildings.

At Vester Skerninge, the path crosses through Stågerup Kohave, Mændenes Løkke with the ancient fortification, and up to Egebjerg Bakker (Egebjerg Hills). From here, it descends through Hvidkilde's forests past the memorial stone to Hvidkilde Manor. Along the way, you'll pass Egebjerg Mølle Naturrum (Egebjerg Mill Nature Center), with its beautiful views over the Archipelago and Funen, and the story of the Archipelago's formation and how the Ice Age shaped our landscape, definitely worth a visit.

The trail continues to Hvidkilde Sø (Hvidkilde Lake), with its rich birdlife, a great spot for birdwatching year-round. The journey continues over the ridge at Egense, which stands out as a significant hillside in an otherwise flat landscape, providing a good viewpoint. You'll pass through the residential areas of Kogtved and Strandhuse, past St. Jørgen's Church, under the Svendborgsund Bridge before reaching the old, atmospheric market town of Svendborg.

You can follow this part of the route using the Geopark's app, which you can download from both the App Store and Google Play.