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Art from North Funen in Bogense Water Tower

See art from North Funen when Marianne Lindberg Jepsen and Malou Benoni Willumsen exhibit in Bogense Water Tower - and see Bogense from the top of the water tower!

Visit Bogense Water Tower and experience 20 exciting works from 2 artists from Northern Funen, each with their own artistic expression.

Malou Benoni Willumsen's motifs originate from words and brushstrokes. Her inspiration starts with a play with words, shapes and composition. This is broken down and "disturbed" by the abstract brushstrokes, which then change again and go from abstract to figurative, like a word heard in an abstract sound universe and perhaps recognised, creating meaning, stories and life. Malou hopes that the exhibited images will speak to you in one way or another.

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Marianne Lindberg Jepsen has participated in several censored exhibitions in Denmark and abroad. She works with painting and graphics, and the exhibition will feature both - including brand new works. An early interest in surrealist art is evident in her choice of motifs, where, for example, seaweed, birds and humans appear in parallel on the picture surface in natural figures and surreal contexts. Marianne Lindberg Jepsen exhibits paintings and graphic works inspired by the subtleties of life, people and nature.

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Bogense and Kattegat from above

You also get the opportunity to see Bogense and Kattegat from above. You can go up the many steps in the water tower's narrow staircase and go out onto the viewing platform. From here you can see far over both the cozy old market town and the sparkling sea with the many small islands.

You can see more beautiful aerial photos by Jesper Larsen at the outdoor exhibition at Østre Mole in Bogense.

Bogense Water Tower

Bogense Water Tower was inaugurated on 24 November 1910 in connection with the commissioning of the town's waterworks.
The tower is about 16 meters high and the diameter is about 8 meters. The tower was designed by architect Gundlach-Petersen and is a smaller version of the water tower in Fredericia built in 1909. The water tower's water pipes were definitively closed in 1996, and today the tower is used as an exhibition venue - and when it is open, you can also enjoy the magnificent view from there.

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Practical information

There is free entry.

The exhibition is overseen by the association Friends of Tourism/Turismens Venner and is organized by VisitNordfyn.

Opening hours

28 March – 30 June: Saturday and Sunday and public holidays at 11.00-16.00
1 July – 11 August: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 11.00-16.00
17 August – 27 October: Saturday and Sunday at 11.00-16.00