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Balance Arc - sculpture

The Balance Arc - large sculpture in two parts

The sculpture itself is a gateway to a new world. It consists of two large Chinese granite columns with two women at the top.
The women are frozen in a balancing position, holding two wheels - two spinning wheels. One wheel is decorated with Hans Christian Andersen's paper cut-out "The Sun Head". The women are standing in a Tai Chi posture, which is a Chinese form of exercise closely related to the Ying-Yang figure and the philosophy of the eternal interplay of opposites. The name of the sculpture is precisely that: The Arc of Balance.

Sculptor Mette Agerbæk (1960 - 2011)
She trained as a graphic artist and sculptor at the Funen Art Academy (1982-86) and the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma in Italy (1986-1987).