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Blomsterhaven Strandlyst

Welcome to the Flower Garden in Nab - a spectacular oasis for flower lovers and nature enthusiasts!
Open garden dates: Every Wednesday and Sunday from 21/6-20/8-2023
Opening hours: 12-17
The flower garden was started in 1989 and has seen many changes over the years. It is a 12,000 square metre Japanese-inspired flower garden with water art, tea house, gorge, stone grotto and viewing mounds overlooking the South Funen Archipelago - there is something for everyone.
Take a relaxing walk along the well-designed paths and immerse yourself in the peaceful atmosphere of the garden.
The flower garden in Nab is also an ideal place for photographers who want to capture the beauty of nature in an image. Every angle of the garden is filled with visual treats that will inspire and amaze.
After enjoying your walk in the garden, you can take a break in the coffee room with seating for 40 people. Coffee, cake and water are available. The prices are as follows:
Admission: 40kr
Coffee and cake: 40kr
Soft drinks: 15kr