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Bogense Town Creek

Have you been to the creek? Otherwise you can walk along the beautiful stream that winds through Bogense and has been important to the town with its clean fresh water.

The story about Bogense town creek goes back to the year 1755. The creek has its source from a healthspring on a field by Reveldrup. The creek runs from here past Fredskoven, winds through the town and has its outflow in Bogense harbour. Earlier the creek was used by the women in Bogense for washing clothes, and furthermore it was very important to the fire-fighting service, and for the use of drinking water.

The bridge across the town’s brook, Bybækken, was the western entrance to the market town. The brook originates west of the castle, Harridslevgaard, and once supplied the power to operate several water mills, including Over Mølle (Upper Mill) at Harridslevgaard, Neder Mølle (Lower Mill) at Tyrekro and Kappelsmøllen, further down Odensevej.

If there is a sudden splash from the creek, don't panic - it's just the big sea trout swimming in the creek. Or you may be lucky enough to see the otters that moved into the creek in 2019.

According to the saying, the mermaids - living in their castle just north of Bogense - used to swim in the creek, and that is why Bogense has affectionately been called the town of the mermaids. Another saying goes that a person is no real 'Bogenser' - inhabitant in Bogense - before he/she has gone for a swim in the creek.