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Botanical Garden

The History of the Garden
The Garden was founded in 1948 by the teacher Arne Emdal and was originally owned by the Odense School Authority. It was named the "School Botanical Garden" and was used for botany education and plant distribution. Later, the garden was taken over by Odense's park department.

A Botanical Treasure for All
The Garden is now an inspiration for garden owners and a popular destination that offers a unique botanical experience. Visitors can admire an impressive variety of perennials and Denmark's largest collection of birch and fern plants from around the world. There is also an extensive assortment of cranesbill and daylilies. The old-fashioned, densely flowering, and fragrant roses are a delight for both the eye and the nose. All plants are labeled with their name, variety, and place of origin.

The Path to the Garden
To reach the garden, you can either follow the stream path across the red bridge or start the journey from the parking lot in the allotment gardens and follow a picturesque path along the stream. In the facility, you will find a water station, a toilet that is open during the summer months, and a canoe mooring area.