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Butcher at Odensevej

Welcome to Slagteren på Odensevej in Middelfart (Butcher at Odensevej). Your very best butcher

We are a traditional butcher shop, tradition in relation to the manufacture of products and quite literally traditions according to the calendar year.

Butchers (Leo and Pia Engelberg) have been in the profession since 1985 and 1991 respectively. We took over the business in 2004 from Leo's father, who had the business since 1965.

Our force as butchers is to create unique, homemade, handcrafted products of high quality, which applies to all our products.
We take pride in making gluten-free sausages and cold cuts, with low fat content, without unnecessary E- Numbers and artificial additives.

We have a large selection of freshly baked baguettes & packed lunches, salamis and cold cuts, ready meals & fresh meat.
We do not need to write homemade, as it is goes without saying. We highly value friendly service, and we always try to fulfil special requests, whether it is big or small.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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