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Canute the Holy - King and Saint

King Canute the Holy was King of Denmark from 1080 until his death in 1086. He was the son of Sweyn Estridsen and brother of Harald Hen. Canute was a Christian king who fought to strengthen the power of the church and introduce reforms in the country. He was killed during a rebellion in Odense Cathedral and was later canonized.

King Canute the Holy lived during the Viking Age. He was a Christian king, but he was also a skilled Viking. He participated in Viking raids to England and Norway. He was a strong leader who fought to strengthen Denmark and Christianity.

The remains of King Canute the Holy can be seen in the crypt below Odense Cathedral. The crypt is a room under the church where royal and other important figures have been buried. Canute's tomb is one of the most visited places in the church.

In the crypt, you can see a sarcophagus with Canute's relics. The sarcophagus is made of marble and is decorated with reliefs depicting scenes from Canute's life. You can also see a number of other grave monuments in the crypt, including the tombs of Canute's brother Benedikt, King Hans and Queen Christine, Kirsten Munk and others.

Visiting the crypt:

The crypt below Odense Cathedral is open to visitors. There is access to the crypt from the church. Visitors can see Canute's tomb and the other tombs in the crypt. There is also an exhibition about Canute's life and work.