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Christiansminde minigolf

Are you ready to dive into a world filled with mini-golf, ice cream, and unlimited fun?

In the heart of the scenic Svendborg, where the blue waves kiss the coast, you'll find Christiansminde Ice Cream & Mini Golf – a family-friendly oasis offering sunny days filled with fun, games, and smiles. Their mission is to create unforgettable experiences for all ages, where good spirits prevail, and where each ice cream and every swing on the mini golf course is an invitation to enjoy life's pleasures.

Located to provide breathtaking views of Svendborg Sound and surrounded by lush green areas, Christiansminde offers the perfect destination for both the adventurous and those seeking tranquility. The mini golf courses are designed with creativity and challenges in mind, inspired by Svendborg's maritime history and natural beauty, ensuring a unique experience for all players.