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The Culture Route 100 km

Middelfart - Emtekær - Harndrup - Middelfart

If you like to go for long rides through beautiful scenery, then this route is for you. It follows regional routes 70, 71 and 30 and takes you past Gamborg Inlet, Føns Cove, Tybrind Cove, Båring Cove and small villages on Funen. The route runs along the cost at Gamborg Inlet, Føns Cove and Tybrind Cove before turning inland and passing through some of the small towns. In Middelfart, the Hindsgavl Peninsula is worth a visit. Today, the Hindsgavl Peninsula is a nature park with a 165 ha fenced-off deer park and a nature and activity centre. Hindsgavl Manor, which was built in the 1700s, is also situated here. The history of Hindsgavl Manor dates as far back as 1295 when Valdemar Sejr built Hindsgavl Castle on the Hindsgavl Peninsula.
Gamborg Inlet is part of the EU Little Belt habitat area and an internationally protected bird sanctuary. An organised guild in Middelfart, whose history dates back to 1593, hunted common porpoises in Gamborg Inlet. The guild was dissolved in 1898. In the views of many people, the Brænde River valley is one of the most varied and scenic areas on Funen. This is where you find Håre Bjerge with a number of preserved grave mounds dating back to the Bronze Age and Early Iron Age. Brænde Mill was originally built in the 1500s to generate power from
Brænde River. Bring your bathers – there are many attractive beaches along the way. Enjoy the beaches at Båring Cove or continue to Strib Nordstrand.


  1. KulturØen
  2. Sct. Nicolai Church
  3. Gl. Havn
  4. Middelfart Museum
  5. Gågade
  6. CLAY Ceramic Museum
  7. Nature Reserve Hindsgavl Dyrehave
  8. Galleri Hindhede
  9. Bridgewalking
  10. Mindelund for britiske flyvere
  11. Søbadet
  12. Hindsgavl Slot
  13. Huset
  14. Psykiatrisk Museum
  15. Middelfart Marina
  16. Gamborg Church
  17. Natur- og vildtreservat
  18. Fønsvang Sø
  19. Tybrind
  20. Ørslev Bjerg
  21. Husby Beach
  22. Adlerhus
  23. Husby Church
  24. Sdr. Åby
  25. Tanderup Church
  26. Brende Mølle
  27. Mindesten
  28. Brænde Ådal
  29. Rørup Kirke
  30. Aalsbogaard Lystfiskersøer
  31. Fjeldsted Speedway Center
  32. Humlemagasinet
  33. Ore Kirke
  34. Flensted Mobiler
  35. Kasmose Skov
  36. Røjleskov Church
  37. Røjle Klint
  38. Strib Nordstrand
  39. Strib Fyr
  40. Strib Bådehavn
  41. Strib Kirke
  42. Strib Automobilmuseum



Hindsgavl Slot
Comwell kongebrogaarden
Sinatur Hotel Sixtus
Hotel Borgmestergården
Hotel Park
Comwell Middelfart

Bed & breakfast:

Røjlegaard Bed & Breakfast
Martin Tornøe
Bro humlegaard Bed & Breakfast
Føns Bed & Breakfast
Lindegården Bed & Breakfast
Gl. Strandvejs B&B
Ann Kloster Bed & breakfast
Kathrinelyst B&B
By the Bridge B&B
Kålsbjergvejens Bed & breakfast

Camp sites:

Vejlby Fed Camping
Båring vig Feriepark - Skovlund Camping
Ronæs Strand Camping
Hindsgavl Camping
Galsklint Camping

Nature camp sites:


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