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Drejø Habour

When you dock at Drejø Harbor, you can't help but get into the island mood.

Drejø is known for its fine beaches and good fishing waters. The island boasts a unique natural landscape with cliffs to the west. A popular recreational and playground area for both children and adults is located a bit inland on the island. The beach near the harbor is nice, but the absolute best beach with a bathing jetty is Bækskilde. A path from the playground leads there, a 10-minute walk away. The island is large enough for a bike ride, and if you don't have your own, you can rent one at the harbor. There are also excellent hiking opportunities along the island's trails.

In the community center at the harbor, you will find "Kram Krabben," offering fishing nets, buckets, magnifying glasses, painting materials, and markers for stone painting, available for children and the young at heart.