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Drejø Old habour

Drejø Old Harbor is located close to the town and is cozy in a class of its own.

This completely unique well-preserved harbor dates back to the time when there was fishing and cargo shipping from the port. The basin is 2 meters deep and the channel is at least 1.3 meters deep at low tide.

Despite officially having only 10-15 guest berths, on a good summer evening, 20-25 boats can easily fit in. Everyone pitches in so that the last ones also get a spot. The harbor offers good facilities, including a lounge for sailors and a drinks stall. Additionally, there is a camping area for sailing guests.

Near the harbor, there are several good opportunities for crab fishing and fishing.

Drejø is famous for its beautiful beaches, especially Bækskilde Strand with its fine white sand, bathing jetty, and shallow waters for children.

A cargo bike is available for shopping at the island's grocery store located 500 meters from the harbor, and at the farm shop on Husmandsvej 400 meters from the harbor.