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Drive in Daffen - The Cold War Museum Langelandsfort

On Fridays during the summer holidays it is possible to visit the fort from the back of a truck with a tour in DAFFEN, our military patrol car.

Summer trip in Daffen

A ride costs 20 DKK per person. person and can be purchased together with the entrance ticket upon arrival at the fort.

Langelandsfort lies close to the southern tip of the island, where it was built at the start of the 1950s. During the Cold War (1953 -1989) Langelands Fort was responsible for the surveillance and military command of the Baltic region. The Fort was finally decommissioned in 1993, and now forms part of Langelands Museum. It features a series of permanent exhibitions together with temporary special exhibitions which change regularly.

MIG 23 på Langelandsfortet

Here you can experience the unique atmosphere inside the submarine “Springeren”, go onboard the minesweeper “Askø”, see a section of the Berlin Wall and come face to face with the legendary MIG 23 jet fighter.

Spy Stories

Spy Stories

One of the museum´s permanent exhibitions tells some of the gripping tales from a time when the world was divided in two. Here you can hear the stories of people such as the two Danish spies who were “forgotten” in Poland, and of the internationally famous photographer Jacob Holt, who found himself falling under the spotlight of the KGB.

The exhibitions also show the extent of the military threat on the other side of the Baltic. Exhibits include, for example, an example of the Blücher Medal, which East German soldiers would have been awarded for bravery in the event of the DDR going to war.

In the event of war

If War Had Broken Out

If World War 3 had turned into a reality, Denmark’s national broadcaster “Denmark’s Radio” would have broadcast from a very special emergency studio in a secure bunker. The emergency studio can now be seen at the Cold War Museum in its original state. This together with, for example, an emergency hospital from Ærø helps tell the story of Denmark’s civilian emergency services during the cold war.

Special exhibitions and guided tours

During the Cold War the British Forces in Berlin used this type of reconnaissance vehicle to parole along the British section of the Berlin Wall.

A special exhibition about the Danish Frogman Corps - a true child of the Cold War

You can read more about guided tours and special activities for children on Langelandfort’s website.