Else Friis and Jørn Anderson

Artist Else Friis and wood turner Jørn Anderson live and exhibit in their home at Bogense - visit their studio and workshop and see paintings, wood art and sculptures!

Else gets inspiration from long walks on the beach, her daily dialogue with people, and many other things. Else primarily paints acrylic on canvas with a myriad of techniques.

Jorn's workshop exudes creativity and infectiously communicates his love woodworking and his own designs. Jørn likes to show the different processes the tree goes through - from the drawing block to his finished unique works.

Else and Jørn are self-sufficient and if you feel like it, you can also meet their happy outdoor pigs during the summer.

Opening hours

Closed January-February - you're welcome to contact Else Friis and Jørn Anderson at +45 2073 0955 or +45 2682 4788.


1st Sunday of the month at 10 - 17.

Other opening hours at www.elsefriis.dk and www.jørnanderson.dk

It is also possible to schedule an appointment at +45 20730955 and +45 26824788.